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Jake Gibson

I am Jake Gibson and I currently serve God as the Senior Pastor of Winneconne Christian Fellowship. My involvement in this documentary centers around the great impact the central character and other players in this documentary have had on my life. In a time when I felt like I was ready to walk away from the church, my marriage, and other relationships, I found the help I was so desperately crying out for. John and many others were quite literally THE answer to the prayer of me and my wife. What we didn’t realize is that we were searching for truth and John showed us God’s Word and taught us what he had discovered. As we practically applied this truth to our lives, we found the healing God had for us. Who wouldn’t want to experience something like this from God? Even further, who would stand in the way of someone being able to experience something like this from God!? This documentary needed to be made so these stories could be heard, considered, and experienced. I believe the stories within this film will serve as examples of pillars that point to the amazing power of God’s truth. My hope is that this film catches the eyes and attention of others who are crying out (internally or externally) and have yet to find the answers to the many questions that cause them to remain unfulfilled.