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Jonathan Fries

Jonathan Fries is a professional consultant specializing in leadership and executive development in the areas of business, education, and athletics. Mr. Fries is an accomplished musician, writer, and composer having toured throughout the US and Canada noting highlights such as playing for the X-Games in Aspen, CO, and opening for five-time Grammy award-winning Green Day before becoming a full-time Pastor at Music of Life Church.

For the past 15 years, I have been friends and a collaborator in John’s efforts to make God’s truth known. I have been deeply involved in the story and have experienced a considerable amount of abuse myself, at the hands of the people who claim to be religious authorities in the Fox Cities.

I think after years of lies and veiled presentations of the events that occurred during the writing of Modeling God and the proceeding years, people deserve to hear the full story of what happened from the people it happened to. People deserve to hear the facts and decide for themselves what they want to believe. No one is accountable until they have all the facts.

I hope this documentary brings healing to those who have been abused since the printing of Modeling God. I hope that those people who are crying out to God for answers, for understanding, for truth, for a logical presentation of a supreme being will watch this documentary and see another path. I eventually hope that anyone who desires to hear from God clearly reads Modeling God and their spiritual eyes and ears are opened and they experience the life and youth they deserve.