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Laura Lenhart

I’m the wife of the Heretic. I had a front-row seat watching John write Modeling God and how he handled the persecution that he received for writing it. As John persevered and continued to help those he could, I saw life after life transformed. And I saw the lives of those who persecuted him crumble. I believe the documentary should be made to bring to light the incredible injustice that was brought upon John essentially preventing people from receiving truth that could help improve their lives. Modeling God has the answers that men like Albert Einstein and C.S. Lewis were seeking until their last breath and has the ability to change the world. This story also proves that truth wins long-term. Lies and injustices are always exposed eventually. No one gets away with anything. Through the experiences John and all of us gained through this journey, I hope this documentary encourages others to embrace the truth in Modeling God in the future, on how to handle injustice, and how to respond in a way that will expose the truth quicker when they get persecuted. I also hope those who accepted the lies from people holding impressive titles will hear the truth and repair the damage that was done so that they can find answers that will allow them to become all God created them to be.