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Morgan Fries

Morgan Fries has had a very unconventional journey. While growing up in Waco, Texas she has always had a sense of destiny and a desire for the next great adventure. After graduating with a degree in fashion merchandising from Texas Christian University, she moved to New York City to work on various film sets. Throughout her life, she was always part of the Christian church and various Christian organizations. While in New York her journey to continue her fellowship with God introduced her to Modeling God. It was then that she found answers to the questions she couldn't get from the churches and organizations she had been part of for years, and she wanted others to experience the same growth she did, but instead received abuse by pastors and the church community. This abuse caused her to want to help others that went through this similar abuse, to not blame God for what people did in "His Name", but instead to grow closer to Him and learn what Church really is. She soon moved to Wisconsin to do just that. Not only was Morgan a founding leader of Music of Life Church, she went along with excelling in the business world. From marketing, administration, and now human resources, Morgan is nothing shy of "a rising star".